Smart Adventurers: Mastering Your Baby's First Moves

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Jun 22, 2024

1:30 PM to 2:30 PM EST

Are you a new parent or expecting a baby soon?

Join us for a FREE LIVE webinar with Cathy O'Leary hosted by Bujjify, tailored for new parents and caregivers of infants under 1 year old! Are you ready to support your baby's early development with confidence? Our webinar, "Smart Adventurers: Mastering Baby's First Moves," is designed for parents who want to understand and encourage their baby's key milestones.

Why Attend?
Discover expert insights and practical tips to help your baby roll, sit, and move with ease. Equip yourself with the knowledge to support your little adventurer's journey!

What You'll Learn:

  • The stages of infant development from flexion to extension
  • How and why rolling happens, and the importance of tummy time
  • Tips for improving head control and body movement
  • The progression from propped sitting to controlled sitting
  • The crucial role of visual tracking and object interaction

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Cathy O'Leary

Cathy O'Leary, a highly experienced Pediatric Occupational Therapist, is the visionary behind Playful Strides Therapy in Ontario. With three decades of expertise, she established the company to provide tailored, skill-specific interventions for children and families. Cathy's approach emphasizes parent-child education, coaching, and modeling, covering areas such as fine and gross motor skills, self-regulation, social thinking, and feeding.

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