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The Builder PlayRig

The Builder PlayRig

9 to 10 Months

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Nurture your baby's growing curiosity and heightened instincts to fit different objects together, stack them up, and knock them off. This PlayRig Promotes:

  • Problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Spacial awareness
  • Exploration of trial-and-error and cause-and-effect
  • Imagination and creativity
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  • Stacking Rings

    Boosts critical thinking, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and gross and fine motor skills.

  • Building Blocks

    Enhances spatial perception and cause-and-effect understanding. Improves motor and cognitive skills.

  • Egg in a Cup

    Encourages intentional grasp and coordinated use of both hands. Refines fine motor skills.

  • Nesting Cups

    Improves shape, size, balance, and trial-and-error comprehension. Introduces early numeracy skills.

  • Animal Figurines

    Ignites imagination, enhances vocabulary, object recognition, memory and cognitive abilities.

  • Treasure Basket

    Promotes exploration, language development, and object containment. Fosters independent play.

  • My First Trip to the Farm

    Touch-and-feel board book with real photos to introduce farm animals to your baby. Stimulates tactile senses.

  • My First Trip to the Zoo

    Board book with real photos to introduce the world of wild animals to your baby. Boosts vocabulary.

  • Milestone Cards

    Create precious memories by capturing your baby's 9th and 10th monthiversary photos with these cards.

  • Digital Parents Guide

    A comprehensive guide with developmental insights, toy introductions, play activities, and other invaluable info.

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