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The Rollover PlayRig

The Rollover PlayRig

3 to 4 Months

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The perfect support system to help your baby develop the strength and coordination required to rollover. This PlayRig promotes:

  • Strengthening of neck and core muscles 
  • Awareness of their body and surroundings
  • Coordination between both sides of the brain
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    • Interlocking Discs

      Promotes cognitive development by engaging both sides of the brain through hand transfer.

    • Tummy Time Sensory Book

      Includes a mirror, textured items, crinkle, and peek-a-boo. Great for tummy time and sensory exploration.

    • Bell Rattle

      Boosts auditory tracking by encouraging your baby to shake the rattle and follow its mellow sound.

    • Silicone Grasping Ball

      Enhances hand dexterity and motor control as your baby grasps, crushes and transfers between hands.

    • Tummy Time Water Mat

      Engages your baby during tummy time and strengthens muscles needed for rollover. Prevents Flat-Head Syndrome

    • Wooden Rattle

      Stimulates hand-eye coordination, and promotes sound and vision tracking.

    • The Hedgehog Teether

      Food-grade sensory silicone teether with wooden grip. Promotes oral motor development.

    • High Contrast Cards

      Natural elements and complex patterns in black, white and red boost your baby's visual development.

    • My Teeny Tiny Body

      Board book with real photos to teach your baby about their own body. Boosts vocabulary development.

    • Milestone Cards

      Create precious memories by capturing your baby's 3rd and 4th monthiversary photos with these cards.

    • Digital Parents Guide

      A comprehensive guide with developmental insights, toy introductions, play activities, and other invaluable info.

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